Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alphabet story

All the people around the world in am about to tell you a story, which took, place long ago. Blogger was a term that no one was familiar with. Casually people just wrote every thing on paper. Drought had stricken a poverty-infected country in Southeast Asia. Everyone in this region had a sickness, which was incurable by modern vaccines. Finally a group from the USA had come to save the day but they were unaware that their modern treatments would not help the people. Generally the people went out to save the Asian people but they all ran into a problem because everything they needed required power and this region was not technologically advanced at this time. Harrowingly they had generators shipped in from other countries. I did not know what to think about all this commotion at the time. Just as the generators arrived the people ran into another problem the situation looked bleak. Knowingly I went to find gas which none of the people had thought about before they ordered the generators. Lastly after all my helpers had tired I stumbled onto a cache of petroleum products and I had thought that I had saved the day. My life was about to change radically since I had saved a whole region of people. Now the people who were sent to help had figured out that common herbicide was poisoning the people. Others set out to find the source of the pollution so they followed a river that ran through the middle of the region and they found out that a large communist farm had been using an excess of this substance. People then captured them because they had infiltrated the communist compound. Quickly US soldiers set out to rescue the people. Rescuing the people was not as easily as they had anticipated. Since there were armed guards all around the camp they could not infiltrate it. Time was being wasted while people were trying to figure out how they could get inside. Utterly the people began to shoot every guard they found. The Vendetta that had come about was just beginning. When the soldiers felt that they had cleared all hostile activity they went inside to get the missionaries. Xterme actions were taken to save the people. Young children were very thankful of the men for rescuing their doctors. Zanily every one fled the country after they had saved the people, but they were forever scarred but what they had seen and been through.